Saturday, August 30, 2014

Virginia Beach - Don't Forget Your Camera

My recent vacation to Virginia Beach, Virginia should have been the perfect photographer's getaway, except that I had way too much fun and rarely pulled out the camera. It's the perfect destination to photograph landscapes, wildlife, flora, people and architecture. Sundowns and sunsets on the Atlantic beaches are breathtaking. History rich Richmond and the North Carolina Outer Banks are within easy reach. I will be going back, and hopefully, take some pictures.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photo Opportunities in Downtown Phoenix

Ever since ASU opened its new campus in central Phoenix, the downtown area has started to look a little like Portland.  Old homes and buildings are being renovated, colorful new apartment complexes are being built, hipster coffee shops, bars & caf├ęs are springing up and the night scene is coming to life. It's actually becoming a fun place to hang out on weekends, and for the photographer, there are plenty of locations that offer great photo opportunities, particularly around the 3rd Street and Roosevelt area.  So if you're a photographer living in Phoenix and are tired of desert scenery and shooting in parks and resorts, try going downtown - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Personal Photo Project - The Sharp Dressed Man

Clint on Wednesdays
I’ve known Clint for many years.  At work he usually dresses like the average guy -- wearing jeans, casual shirts, sometimes sneakers & ball caps – that is, except on Wednesdays.  At mid-week he comes in outfitted to the nines wearing three-piece suits, Colorful blazers, fedoras, two-toned shoes and the like.  In 2013 we both decided it would be fun to document his pomp and fashion, and so began my personal photo project, “Clint on Wednesdays."  
Photos taken with Fuji XPro1, XT1 or Canon 5DIII